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A Single Source Partner

Clean Energy

Helping you revolutionize the way power is distributed, stored, and consumed, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable future.  From qualifying prospects to identifying equipment requirements and arranging components as well as providing the complete material package delivered when and where you need it.  


Dedicated to providing our customers in a wide variety of industry sectors with top-of-the-line structured cabling, fire alarm, security, and audio-visual systems, ensuring the most comprehensive and reliable solutions available. 


Revolutionary solutions for controlling your industrial processes - discover our wide range of cutting-edge products including advanced variable frequency drives, innovative enclosed starters, state-of-the-art IEC power control systems, reliable NEMA motor control solutions, sophisticated pilot devices, and high-performance sensors.


Our offerings include lighting design, budgeting and value engineering, strategic sourcing and procurement, turnkey retrofitting, and controls. Our primary objective is to deliver exceptional service to each and every one of our clients.

A Single Source Partner


Ensuring uninterrupted service is crucial. You can rely on us to provide you with the necessary equipment to maintain uptime. Our extensive range of utility-specific products and services not only help reduce your supply chain costs but also enhance your overall operational efficiency. When unexpected storms strike and power outages occur, it's essential to have the ability to act swiftly. 

Switchgear and Distribution

Our wide range of services includes locating hard-to-find ancient obsolete replacement parts, helping you find the perfect load center, constructing customized commercial panel boards, and building high-quality 5000-amp low-voltage switchboards.  Stanion is committed to providing solutions and offering customer service beyond just, what is required.

Wire Center

Reduce labor time by requesting custom-cut wire from any of our 17 locations including copper and aluminum colored conductors sized 8-500MCM in stock, parallel cuts (wood reels or blue spinners) and pulling head installation.